Thursday, February 12, 2015

All Over Again

Moon Hotel, 23 Dickson Road, Singapore – March 2014

Going to Singapore wasn't just a vacation, it was a big life-changing decision. Moreover, it was something that could help me build up my future, for the better.

I've been residing here in Singapore for almost 3 years now (and counting) and I’m enjoying it though there are times things don’t go too well. With all those happening, I really like being independent and making my own decisions. From buying my own groceries, eating whatever I like, going out till late hours and even getting lazy for the rest of the day – without people judging me. But undoubtedly, I miss being home in Manila with my loved ones and having someone to cook food, take care of me and pay something for me. Haha!

Let's see where else my journey overseas takes me. :)

PS. I will post throwback photos here and there to make up with my hiatus, so please keep up with me!

You can follow Studded Bliss instagram - @studdedbliss - for more updated photos though I really hope to post more in this blog too :/

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