Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Quarter-Century: 25 things I learned by 25

Left: My 7th Birthday with Mama & Papa, while opening my big Barbie doll. One of the happiest!

I don't really pay much attention on the fact that I'm twenty-five -age is just a number-, since people usually thought I'm in my late 20s (even in my early 20s then) because of how I take things too maturely for my age. Well, I can't blame them.. I sometimes just blurt out words of wisdom and quotable quote in a random friendly chit-chat as a reply to a conversation or to just emphasize what I am saying, really.

With the being said, I guess I should share 25 things (out of thousands) I learned by the age of 25 which I think you should also try to practice.
  1. Be Happy & Smile More. Life is better this way! Not only it can help you look younger, it can make other people’s day even brighter.
  2. Talk to Him. Ask for guidance, strength, peace & happiness. Few seconds everyday of talking to Him won’t hurt a thing.
  3. Stress Less. It’s okay to worry but no matter how bad something may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just do no. 1 & 2 J
  4. Say ‘Thank You’ & ‘Sorry’. Even for the simplest reasons, don’t forget to say these words, especially to Him – everyday.
  5. Be Grateful. Whatever you have, others can’t even have it. So be appreciative of everything.
  6. Respect. Treat others with respect and they will treat you the same way. Most importantly, have self-respect.
  7. Give/Help more. It’s priceless & it’ll fills your heart. Don’t expect anything back though.
  8. Be a Genuinely Good Person. Be Kind. It can come a long way… the rest will follow.
  9. Stand for what you believe in. But be open-minded as well. Though only you can decide for yourself, you must consider several factors before making life-changing decisions.
  10. Earn money. Whether it’s from working or doing business, try to have income as early as possible. You’ll learn to appreciate the value of money even more.
  11. Hard work pays off. Just not always in the way you think.
  12. Your job should bring you to life, not make you dread the day. With my job, not only it help me financially, but also it enhances my career and skills… and I get to travel overseas and meet new people!
  13. Save & have an investment. Either it’s a business, house/car or whatever. Try to save up & invest while you can at this early age and then just enjoy your life in your later years.
  14. Plan for your future. Work on it steps by steps. You’ll get there eventually.
  15. Travel. Explore things around you. You’ll see the beauty of life even more.
  16. Be independent. Try to live alone for at least few months or so.  It teaches you more about yourself.
  17. Have a Great Relationship. Not just romantic one (oh please lol). Make your relationship with whoever/whatever better by appreciating who/what they are and valuing the connections you have. Yes, relationship with your cutie cat is counted hihi
  18. As for Friends, have Quality not Quantity. Life is not an online world with thousands of “friends” or “followers”. Spend more time with people you trust and can count on.
  19. At the end of the day, it always comes back to family. When people try to bring you down and you feel like no one’s on your side, your family will always be there to comfort you. If you are away from them (like me), a simple sms will do.
  20. Always look good. Put some mascara, lipstick & brows on (at least) before leaving your house. Even you’re just going for a quick run to the mall. You never know who you will bump into, it might be your enemy (haha).
  21. Shop ‘till you drop. Once in a while it’s okay. Just know when to spoil yourself and know when to stop.
  22. Have a Quote to Live by. Mine is “Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.” by Confucius. It is because… (refer to no.23)
  23. Karma is a b*tch. Well, bad karma is.
  24. Be Healthy. Eat veggies and drink lots of water! Go for long walks or run on weekends… You don’t really have to torture yourself with heavy diet & exercise, but at least know the value of your body and health.
  25. Live the moment & Enjoy. There are still a lot more things to happen, just embrace it.
Honestly, sometimes I don't practice few of these things most specially no.24 (haha) because life gets hard too and there are times you think the other way... It's normal. Just remind yourself to get back up and make your life worthwhile, day by day.

Cheers to the better person we will become!

And Happy Birthday to me! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

All Over Again

Moon Hotel, 23 Dickson Road, Singapore – March 2014

Going to Singapore wasn't just a vacation, it was a big life-changing decision. Moreover, it was something that could help me build up my future, for the better.

I've been residing here in Singapore for almost 3 years now (and counting) and I’m enjoying it though there are times things don’t go too well. With all those happening, I really like being independent and making my own decisions. From buying my own groceries, eating whatever I like, going out till late hours and even getting lazy for the rest of the day – without people judging me. But undoubtedly, I miss being home in Manila with my loved ones and having someone to cook food, take care of me and pay something for me. Haha!

Let's see where else my journey overseas takes me. :)

PS. I will post throwback photos here and there to make up with my hiatus, so please keep up with me!

You can follow Studded Bliss instagram - @studdedbliss - for more updated photos though I really hope to post more in this blog too :/

Monday, March 25, 2013

Land of Merlion

I've been neglecting my blog for more than a year now and
I think it's better to just post few photos of the highlights of my 2012 to keep everyone on track.

For now, I'll leave you guys with this.